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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club hosts rap superstar Keith Harris of the Black Eyed Peas at it VIP welcome ceremony.

PUERTO PLATA, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (March 28, 2012) – Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club (LHVC), located in Puerto Plata on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, was pleased to be visited by pop superstar Keith Harris of the Black Eyed Peas. When Harris and his wife Brandee arrived along with the rest of the guests at the welcome ceremony, Harris joined the local LHVC band for a spontaneous performance, punctuating the start of the stay with an upbeat vibe and some world-class tunes.

“It was a privilege to have Keith with us on property and in the beautiful North Coast of our country,” said Yohani Casilla, Director of Sales and Marketing for Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort, who toured the couple during their visit. “It was wonderful for our members and guests to see him play here.”

Harris and his wife, a dancer for the group, came to LHVC to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Harris not only serves as the drummer for the colossally successful Black Eyed Peas, but also composer and musical director. Harris himself has won three Grammy Awards since the band’s creation in 1995 and has worked to help produce music with the likes of Michael Jackson, Chris Brown and Mariah Carey. The Black Eyed Peas is highly regarded for its upbeat, often political, hip hope style, dance floor hits and meaningful, political lyrics. The band has sold over 56 million records worldwide to date and is one of only a handful of musical groups to hold concurrent number one and number two chart slots on the Billboard Hot 100 song listing.

Located in a welcoming, storm-free area of the Dominican Republic, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club has been raising the bar for travel clubs since its founding in 1995. Guests and their families have a plethora of fun activities available to partake in while staying at Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club. The resort itself is within walking distance of the renowned Ocean World Adventure Park which hosts daily dolphin shows and a casino. Other activities in the immediate area include a cable car ride to the top of Mount Isabel de Torres, white water rafting, monster truck safaris, horseback riding, deep sea fishing, boating, snorkeling, miles of pristine, picturesque beaches and city tours of adjacent town of Puerto Plata.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club can be contacted at: Player Cofresi

57000 Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic Telephone: 809-970-7777 Fax: 809-970-7465 Press contact: Kathy Hernandez & Associates, or (809) 970-7777.

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Top Barbecue Accessories

Barbecue accessories are important tools that help grill enthusiasts to cook their barbecue. You don’t have to be the best cook in grilling barbecue, but you have to have certain essentials that will aid you in making grilling a successful endeavor.

First, a good pair of tongs. Good quality long handled tongs are the ones that you should be on the lookout for. They should be able to hold on to even small pieces without crushing them. Get a tong that fits in your hand for easier manipulation and don’t buy tongs that are too heavy adding more weight to your arms.

Another thing is the spatula. Find a spatula that has a cutting blade on the side and also doubles as a fork or beer opener. Spatulas should be able to turn over thin and soft meats that break easily. It is better if they are made of stainless steel for easy cleaning.

Basting brushes and cleaning brushes are also important. Silicon basting brush are the best thing to use, they can bring large amount of sauce to the meat and not to the brush. They are also easy to clean and are heat resistant. Find long handled brushes, too.

On the other hand, cleaning brushes are bbq accessories that you shouldn’t miss to buy. Find quality and durable ones that can take off sticky particles, stainless steel or brass bristles are your best choice. Scrapers are also important. This is best use when the grill is still warm to remove the particles stuck in the grill grates.

If you are using a gas barbecue grill, then you should also get bbq accessories like propane gauge and leak detector for safety measures. A fuel gauge is important to tell you how much propane you have left, especially during big barbecue parties. Leak detectors are important to avoid fires, or worse, explosions that may harm you and the people around.

Other bbq accessories that are also important are stainless steel skewers, grill wipes, grill woks and racks for the small food that may fall off the grill grates, and barbecue forks. Just don’t puncture the meats too much as this will cause the meat to lose its juicy flavor.

Tips For Choosing Accessories For Theater

Its not just the actors, musicians and singers that make a performance memorable; the accessories and equipment available at the theater play a prominent part as well. The importance of choosing the right accessories for your theater cant be compared to anything, its really crucial that you get it done right. Through this article lets take a look at some simple things that you should do in order to find not just the best performing, but also long lasting equipment and accessories for your theater.

Well, what exactly are the accessories that youre going to need for your theater? There are plenty of things right from drapes, to musical equipment, risers, lights and much more. If you want to create an ideal theater you would need to make everything perfect.

There are plenty of people saying they sell the best stuff; but, everyone would want to spend their time and money on the right accessories right? Heres how you should choose:

Choose from top brands

If you want your audience to be amazed when they visit your theater you would need to use accessories from popular brands they need not be expensive, but high quality. Another reason as to why you should choose something from a high class brand is the fact that their accessories would have a longer life thereby, saving you time and the labor charges of getting new accessories installed all over again.

See that youre getting original stuff

The theater industry just like every other industry is taken over by fraudulent stuff. Therefore, before you actually pay for your accessories make sure that theyre high quality by ensuring that those products are actually manufactured by the brands they advertise. If you happen to come across branded accessories at throw away prices thats a definite sign of counterfeit goods.

Check online

You wont just find the reviews of the finest accessories online, but you would also be directed as to what is good and how you should go about when buying it. Therefore, before you purchase any accessories, chalk out a plan as to what you need and which brand youre planning on buying. Maybe you would also get them at discounted rates online.

Put someone in charge

If you do happen to know someone whos got prior experience when it comes to picking the right accessories for your theater, put them in charge. Theres no need to give them your credit card, just ask them to help you pick the right products.

Just what Comprises Great Marriage Entertainment

Finding happens to be a art form. Selecting the wedding ceremony entertainment can make or break the wedding. Not that you really need to be concerned about what your own guests think, soon after every one of the it is your own wedding day, however you furthermore desire to ensure individuals do enjoy themselves. A wedding day should be unforgettable as well as memorable as well as which is in which the entertainment comes into portray.

The very first thing you want to give consideration to is your own musical content. Choosing the DJ for your own wedding day can generally be crucial. Just what will make a good DJ is a person which simply doesn’t understand the music they play but additionally the people they portray it for. A particular excellent DJ is a person who is able to add bass to singing which does not normally have bass inside. A great DJ also realizes whenever to talk as well as when to stay quiet and additionally leave the singing speak for him. Through a good jumping base individuals definitely will wake up and dance as well as which is the primary job of a DJ will be get individuals up and in the dance floor.

The DJ furthermore is a big part of the wedding entertainment by adding games and events within the music. With interactive records and additionally dances like The Electrical Slip and also the Hooky Pokey or perhaps even play the right music to encourage a Congo Line to form on the dance floor.

People have actually included more than simply musical entertainment with their wedding receptions. Some have employed magicians or perhaps bird performances. A bird show is whenever a bird trainer liberates a a poised of wild birds in the reception which are trained to perform aerial stunts as well as fly around the banquet place amazing the guests. A magician is there to perform feats or mystifying illusion and also even interact alongside the wedding guests.

Some wedding receptions have additionally used a standup comedian for entertainment. A good strong comedian can host a marriage party for a long time. They may be able call out amidst the guests and additionally actually buy them involved with a few of the magic acts. Largely whoever or perhaps whatever you employ for entertainment needs you would want to have because some sort of interactive role of the presentation. Individuals always enjoy feeling like they are a part of something.

While these are not traditional they are a lot more common than one might believe. All these can make a wedding day fun and additionally some sort of everlasting memory for your self and those who attend. Either way, a good wedding ceremony is one that makes use of entertainment which is from the box.

Popular iPad Accessories

Are you a proud iPad owner? Do you love flaunting your sleek and shiny Apple iPad all over your college or amongst your colleagues at work? Well-who wouldn’t! Having an iPad simply shows how big a tech savvy and a gadget freak you are. But wait! Have you ever thought of accessorizing your iPad? Yes, you read it right-we are talking about iPad Accessories! You just need to take out some time to surf and shop for the trendiest and stylish Accessories that can make your iPad look all the more attractive and hi-tech. Some of the most Popular iPad Accessories are listed below:
Smart iPad Covers:
Slim, sleek, multi-colored, and multifunctional Smart Cover not only protects the screen and maintains the iPad but also makes it look extremely trendy. A huge variety of magnetic Smart Covers is available in the market with crazy patterns making it one of the most popular iPad Accessories amongst younger generation.

iPad Stand:
iPad Stand is a portable, lightweight, sleek, compact and sturdy structure that properly grips the iPad. iPad Stands are perfect for an easy and convenient handling of the iPad. With the help of an iPad Stand, you can use your iPad without any trouble and hassle even while you are driving, cooking, etc. You can adjust the iPad and set it at a particular position if you are planning to read a bulky novel on it or probably wishing to watch a long movie.

Wireless Keyboard:
The Wireless Keyboards are based on the highly advanced Bluetooth technology. A Wireless Keyboard can be synced with the iPad and can be conveniently used for typing. Few Wireless Keyboards are so efficient that they can be used even from a distance of 30 feet. These Wireless Keyboards are also light in weight, slim and compact.

Looking for different Accessories for your iPad? If yes, then log on to . At The Decibel Stand, you will find a fine collection of Apple iPad Accessories. It also provides Accessories for other Apple gadgets like iPhone, iPod, etc. It is famous for offering Decibel Stand – Best Portable Ipad Case With Stand that can be fitted to iPad 1, 2, 3, and 4 and can be easily adjusted to 7 different positions. Along with this, there are also available Stands For Bed, Stands For kitchen, MP3 Player Stands, and many more. So, what are you waiting for? Waste no time and log on today to avail some the best products at amazing prices.

Varieties Of Luxury Diaper Bags

Once you have a baby, the days of leaving your home without a diaper bag will be gone for quite some time. This is exactly why it is so crucial to find a bag that you are going to enjoy carrying, that will serve you well, and that will look great with any outfit. Fortunately, the market has been flooded with gorgeous lines of luxury diaper bags. If you have not considered all of the designer options available, its time to take a closer look.

Luxury diaper bags come in all shapes and sizes. It is more than possible to find a bag that will fit your familys lifestyle. If you are frequently going on vacations or overnight trips to grandmas house with the baby, then there are gorgeous larger bag options that look quite a bit like designer totes. For those quick trips around town, to the grocery store and the like, there are many luxury diaper bags that could be confused with a designer handbag. There is no reason that you and your child cannot travel about with style and sophistication.

Of course, a diaper bag is useless and pointless if it does not help you organize and carry all of your childs must need travel accessories. Even designer bags can easily hold all of your diapers, clothing, toys, pacifiers, wipes, bottles, and other items, and do so in a well-planned manner. The bags have been designed with busy parents in mind, making it easier than ever to locate any item you may need in just the blink of an eye. Many of the higher-end bags will even contain insulated compartments so that you can keep your childs bottle at the perfect temperature.

It can get quite tiresome carrying a bag everywhere you go. This is yet another reason that luxury diaper bags are such a wise investment. These bags have been carefully ergonomically crafted in order to literally help ease your burden. Many of the bags are designed with padded shoulder straps to make carrying easier. If you are carrying a lot of weight, there are more and more backpack style bags being introduced that allow you to distribute the weight evenly.

The best aspect of luxury diaper bags is that they allow more fathers to willingly carry a diaper bags. While some men do not care at all, others do not want to carry a bag that looks like a diaper bag. Designer bags solve this problem because their designs are often extremely sleek and sophisticated, keeping everyone happy.

Maut Ka Khazana by Aahat TV Serial on Sony Entertainment Television

Recent episode of Aahat introduced as Maut Ka Khazana. The horror Show introduces a new type of fear and dark side of evil. The episode introduces with two friends who are traveling day and night for a treasure.

They are traveling on a route in the search of a treasure but every time they reach on the same location. Today, they meet a fearing man who is the watchman of the jungle. They ask about the route.

Watchman gets ready to tell about the route of treasure. He gives some suggestions to them. They have not to get fear in the route. They have not to turn back ever otherwise they will be killed.

They travel on a route that is suggested by the fearing man. The route goes from a cave. The route was very fearing. The route goes to a treasure. The treasure is Maut Ka Khazana. So, it is Maut Ka Khazana in Aahat on Sony Entertainment Television. Before reaching to the Khazana, they get back. Finally, they are also killed by the ghosts like other persons who had tried to reach there.

Now, Sunil’s friend, Manish reaches his house and talks his father. He asks about Sunil. His father tells about the journey of Sunil. Now, Maish tries to steal the route of Khazana and gets succeed.

On the other hand, Durjan gives a new task to Raghav’s friend in Aahat TV serial. Now, they had to follow the route of Maut Ka Khazana in Aahat on Sony TV.

As they leave Durjan’s house, they face some problem with their car. Harsh suggests Damini and Raghav to follow the route of Maut Ka Khazana. Raghav and Damini leave for their task. Harsh tries to repair his car. Suddenly, he sees Mallika who was the twin sister of Damini. She kills Harsh by her power.

On the other hand, Manish reaches to the Maut Ka Khazana successfully and demands more money and becomes a rich man. In the second chance, he wishes to kill Pratik and Salina. His wishes fulfill and his enemies are killed.

Finally, he demands the death of Damini and Raghav. He had to pay something for every wish that was unknown by him also.

Suddenly, Manish sees the ghost behind his wife. He runs way to save her. He wanted to back his wish. In this process he is killed by the ghost. Death of Manish was demanded by her wife, Anjali.

Now, the day for Anjali is back. Her boyfriend comes easily to her but she also has to pay something for her wish that was not known by her. Maut Ka Khazana in introduced a new type of ghost and treasure.

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Theatre, Dance And Cinema Entertainment In Burma

Burma has a grand tradition of spectacular forms of entertainment, and if you find yourself with an evening to spare while you travel in Burma, there are several options ranging from traditional performance styles that date back over the centuries, to more modern modes of entertainment like cinema all with a unique Burmese flair. Here are some of the best to see.

Zat Pwe

One of the more difficult forms of entertainment to plan to see when you travel in Burma, as it tends to be performed by troupes that move around the country, the term zat pwe, in Burmese, covers a range of folk performance styles, including dancing, singing, satirical skits and melodramas. Typically, a zat pwe performance will consist of a combination of all of these, and will go on all night. Zat pwe is associated with pagoda festivals; every pagoda has its own festival date in the lunar calendar, during which funds are raised and performances staged by travelling zat pwe troupes – so if you happen to be passing through a town or village where such a festival is being held you may be in luck. A highlight of the zat pwe programme is the two-hour duet dance, which involves impressive acrobatics and improvisational elements.

Yama Zatdaw

Another important performance art tradition that can be seen as you travel in Burma, and one that is very different to the raw, bawdy atmosphere of the zat pwe, is the Yama Zatdaw the courtly dance drama based on the Burmese version of the great Indian epic, the Ramayana. Dancers wear embroidered costumes and elaborate headdresses, and perform highly stylised dances while a narrator sings the story, which tells of gods, love, and battles with demons.

Puppet Theatre

A form of entertainment popular for many centuries is puppet theatre, a tradition which developed due to medieval social strictures that meant male and female dancers could not appear together on stage but male and female characters portrayed by puppets could. The skills used, which are usually passed down in families from father to son, involve manipulating crafted wooden marionettes are to enact classic stories of kings and romances.


A countrys films can often provide insight into ordinary life and current ideas better than any guidebook or magazine feature, so a trip to the cinema as you travel in Burma can be an interesting cultural experience. Burmese cinematic tradition can be traced back to the 1910s, when director Ohn Maung produced the countrys first silent films, and has a history of tackling political subject matter both from a conservative and dissenting point of view. Modern mainstream cinema here consists of a mix of comedy, romance and drama, and one of the best places to catch a film is at the Thamada Cinema, a beautiful art deco theatre in Rangoon, located near Aung San Stadium.

Learn How To Naturally Reduce Eye Bags!

Women are goddesses of beauty. They always make sure they have all the skin care they need to protect and take care of their body. They would spend a fortune to buy all the creams, lotion and other skin care products to help maintain their flawless and radiant skin. Some even go for brand name products believing that these are more effective than their locally produced products. If you have under eye bags, you want a treatment that is safe, effective and truly amazing.

There are already a lot of competing brands that claims they are the best brand but not all of these are really effective and some are ineffective. Some women prefer to use popular brand names but the contents are not natural and they are sold at incredibly high prices.

Women are very conscious about their physical appearance especially when they experience problems like swollen eyes after a stressful week or because of lack of sleep is a really an alarming situation to them. But because of the latest technology, Science has discovered the remedy to this puffy eye. This remedy is made up of lots of natural substances you cannot find readily on the market today.

In order to avoid such circumstances, a woman should only buy from a trusted brand however to find such a brand you must do research. I have done a lot of research and have found an exceptional eye cream which I have been using for over a year and I am truly amazed at the result I have gotten so far.

This eye cream reduces the appearance of puffy eyes that you have and once it is gone, you will feel a lot more confident to go out and mingle with people. The eye cream can also be applied with other make up brands. It doesn’t have any side effect or will not react when used with your makeup. The amazing eye cream I am talking about is the Xtend Life Eye Contour Serum. The use of Xtendlife products is very safe and effective and will give you the result. Bags under eyes will be a thing of the past and you can continue with your life knowing you look rested, rejuvenated and much younger.

South Asian Wedding Entertainment

South asian shaadi ceremonies are great celebrations. They are grand and glossy with much expense being spent so as to make the whole shaadi look much better and enjoyable for the whole family. In Asia people do consider weddings as a means of getting together for the whole family. Asians do have big families and so most South asian weddings are very crowded. The celebration would start much before the actual day of marriage and there are many rituals and ceremonies that are carried out during these days. On the wedding day the most followed format is wedding ceremony, drinks reception, wedding lunch and then the evening reception with entertainment. One thing that differentiates Indian weddings from those of the western weddings is those entertainment programs which are performed on the week of wedding celebrations. Asian shaadi celebrations would involve the entertainment activities from the family members and also from professionals of different fields.

The wedding celebrations last for more than one week and each day some or the other entertainment programs are done to entertain the guests and the family members. Various art forms are made to perform and this is a symbol of the culture of different communities. Most entertainment programs are carried out on the evening before the marriage and at the reception on the wedding day. These two days are chosen for most entertainment programs as it is on these days that most number visitors turn up to wish the couples. The most preferred Indian shaadi entertainment is music. In a country like India there are different branches of music that you can choose upon. In most cases people prefer classical music which is the soul and heart of India. Those who enjoy higher standard of living may select western music instead of the classical music.

Other types of Asian shaadi entertainment activities are dances and magic shows. Countries like India do have rich cultural heritage and so there are different dance forms as well. Each region in India has different style of dances. People select the dance on the basis of their preference and try to bring in the best performers for the entertainment program. The cinema industry in India which is most commonly known to the outside world as Bollywood is very famous all around the world. Those people who are ready to spend more would bring in some actors or actresses for some performance.

The next most proffered entertainment activity during an South asian shaadi is magic shows. Magic as an art is very popular in Asia and this is the reason why magic is preferred for most wedding receptions. All these would be possible only if you have an efficient planning. You must think in advance what your priorities are and then plan according to your budget.

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